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Orange County Family Photography

Orange County Family Photography Services - Family Photography Prices - The Treasured Moments Photography Difference - Commonly Asked Questions and Answers - Orange County Photography Tips

Orange County Family PhotographyFamily photography is one of the most popular types of Orange County photography and for good reason. Orange County family portraits showcase, families at specific moments in time, at holidays, and even at family reunions. Those with young children also appreciate family portraits because children grow up fast and parents are often anxious to capture those fleeting moments of childhood. Orange County family photography is also popular among those who want not only family portraits but solo shots of their children, themselves, and even relatives who are making a long trek for a visit. At Treasured Moments Photography we not only specialize and have years of experience in Orange County family photography but in traveling to the location of our clients choosing too. Orange County destination photography is something that can add a big layer of depth to every photograph taken.

Orange County Family Photography Services

The term Orange County family photography is a umbrella term which is actually comprised of many smaller Orange County photography services. The following services fall under the Orange County family photography umbrella.

  • Orange County Family Portraits
  • Orange County Child Photography
  • Orange County Senior Pictures
  • Orange County Pet Photography
  • Orange County Destination Photography

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Family Photography Prices

Every client that visits us for Orange County photography has different needs. For this reason alone our services don't have any one set price but instead are built on a quote by quote basis. This helps ensure that our clients get Orange County Photography packages that are both fair and exactly what they want. If you're interested in an Orange County family photography session you'll want to contact us for a quote. The price of your package will depend on what and how much you ask for.

The Treasured Moments Photography Difference

The Treasured Moments Photography difference comes by way of our focus on our clients needs above all else. By creating a “by quote” pricing system clients of every walk of life will have the opportunity to have great pictures taken by an experienced Orange County photographer. We also go above and beyond in providing more options for the pictures themselves utilizing greater lighting and backgrounds than any other Orange County photographer. We're also willing to travel to a location of the clients choice, something many other photographers don't do. The difference is in our focus on the customer and it shows in both the experience you'll have and the pictures you'll receive.

Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

  1. Get A Quote As an Orange County professional photographer, what would you recommend my family wear for our family portrait?
    When deciding what to wear for family portraits keep in mind where you plan on displaying your portrait. Is it going to be in a formal room or a more casual room? That will determine what type of clothing to wear. Also keep in mind the colors in that room. You don’t want to wear colors that will clash with the colors of that room. If you’re having a portrait made at the beach or a park, the best colors to wear are neutrals such as browns, beige, white and black. Solids are always better than prints. You do not want to take anything away from the subjects –YOU! I always suggest that anyone over the age of 25 wear sleeves. Unless of course you are doing a commercial for a fitness magazine!!!
  2. I am interested in having professional photographs taken of my new baby. As a professional photographer, what would you suggest to ensure the photographs of my newborn are perfect?
    Most people hope that when they get to the studio, their babies will wake up in time for the sitting. I suggest that if your baby is asleep when you arrive, leave them sleeping. Photographing a newborn sleeping is much easier when trying to do close ups of the baby’s hands and feet. As a photographer, it is great to start there and then move on to the other types of photos once your baby wakes up. And be sure to allow enough time in your sitting for feeding and changing diapers and count on little mishaps.
  3. I am looking for a child’s professional photographer. Do you provide child photography services?
    Yes. Treasured Moments Photography can help you capture the youth and innocence of your children as they grow from toddlers to teenagers. We work with children of all ages and can create lasting memories of your child’s first year as well as each year after.
  4. It’s been years since I have had a family portrait taken. As an Orange County professional photographer, what type of family photography packages do you offer?
    Whether you’ve added a new bundle of joy to your family or want an up-to-date portrait of you closest loved ones, Treasured Moments Photography can create a timeless keepsake you can treasure for a lifetime. No matter your family’s size or budget, we can work with you to develop a photography package that will allow you to capture this special time in your family’s life.

Orange County Family Photography Tips

You may have to research some of these but put like 3 tips:

  • Dress for the occasion. You'll want to look your best for family portraits, solo shots of the children, and any other type of family oriented pictures associated with Orange County family photography. Being dressed and groomed before you arrive for your photo shoot eliminates delays, and sub par photographs. Looking good makes you feel good and that will be reflected in the images you receive.
  • Be on time! Many Orange County photographers operate on tight schedules. Being late can not only cut your photography session short but can cause those who are to see the Orange County photographer after you delays in their shoot as well. Being on time not only ensures that you'll get plenty of time with an Orange County photographer but it's courteous to everyone else involved as well.
  • Be direct and specific with your Orange County family photographer. Let them know right from the get go what you want, what you're looking for, and let them know if you're interested in a photo shoot outside of the studio. The more an Orange County photographer knows about you and want you want, the more he or she will be able to prepare for the photo shoot and delivery the type of pictures you want. Vague instructions or requests received just prior to or shortly after the shoot begins often results in an experience that will be less than satisfying.


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